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Marketing 101

Marketing Tip #1:

Before buying anything from a marketer or accept his or her advice, it would be beneficial to know a little background information about that person and company. I strongly suggest your read as much about Matterhorn Business Solutions through the below links. It would be remiss for us to say that we are among Canada’s premiere inbound marketing agencies.

David Howse in Alberta Venture Magazine

David Howse in Alberta Venture Magazine

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Marketing Tip #2:

The last thing the world needs is another leads sales company.

Marketing Tip #3:

What the world needs more than anything is an honest leads sales company. That is the hole in the market I am trying to fill. No one would attempt to question this fact if they operated their business in Calgary and saw how I operate and treat my clients here.

Calgary Data Entry Services List building Temp Admin Work

In 1988 the Alberta minimum wage was $4.50. Considering the true cost of an employee, $7 per hour is about what you paid in the 80s. Today, the true cost of an employee to do this work is over $15 an hour.

Marketing Tip #4:

What is a lead worth? I was shocked at what Dun and Bradstreet, Hoovers, Salesforce and others were charging. In my books a lead shouldn’t cost more than 25 to 40 cents. That’s 25 to 40 cents for a current lead including phone, email, and mailing address and even a certain amount of key contacts within that company.

Marketing Tip #5:

Before you buy a contact list think of the strategy that it will enable.

  1. Will you start off with a telemarketing campaign or will it be appointment booking focused.
  2. After the phone calls will you experiment with some direct mail?
  3. Does email fit in to your plan?
  4. Do you have a CRM? Excel… Access… something larger scale?

Marketing Tip #786,205:

Stop reading marketing tips. The best marketing tip is action, then measure what you did. Go out there and see what works because eventually you have to be the best marketer you know.

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