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Frequently Asked Questions

There are two kinds of clients that hire us to set-up and run a lead generation program. The first are current clients and client referrals from Matterhorn Business Solutiuons. The second group found this website through a google search so these are the common questions they ask.

    1. Can you explain how the program works?
      This PDF will explain our lead generation program.
      You should watch this as well:


    1. What can you do for me?
      We only accept about 25% of businesses that request our services. The following are our criteria for working with a business.

      1. You must be the business owner or a managing partner
      2. The program must be B2B
      3. Your business must be located in Canada
      4. $1500 to set up the program and the first 50 hours needs to be within your budget. We do not negotiate a lower price.
      5. You have calculated the lifetime value of a customer and your current cost of acquiring a new customer.

        Once you consider the above five points then we can talk about how our lead generation can help your business.


    1. Will you call personal/residential phone numbers?
      We only call businesses. We will call residential numbers if you have a private list and permission to call those numbers.


    1. Are you agents based in Canada?
      No. We have used Canadian and US-based agents in the past. The quality of local lead generation staff tends to be very low, the work ethic very poor, and the turn-over high.


    1. Where are your agents?
      The question that should be asked is, who are your agents? Our agents tend to be female, with university degrees (our top agent has a Masters of Psychology), and have accents for which Canadians have an affinity – well spoken or Australian/British accents etc.


    1. Can I listen to some sample phone calls?
      Yes, click Cold Calling to hear Cherylle speak with the manager of an Alberta-based business.


    1. Can we meet to review our lead generation strategy?
      Yes we can. Though, we set up most of our programs over the phone and through email, we can offer you a two-hour consultation with David Howse for $250.


    1. How do we start?
      Once you pay the initial $500 we will call you within 2 business days to start the research process, get the script written, decide on what contact lists to use, and all of the other lead generation components described in the pdf (point 1 above).