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Calgary Leads Services

How we can work together

Before you hire any business service provider, consider what business people similar to you have to say about that provider; please read our testimonials at  DavidHowseMarketing.com.

Calgary Sales Team was initially designed who businesses who had retained David Howse Marketing Ltd.’s services. It is now open to all businesses under the following conditions:

Even though Calgary Sales Team is a part of David Howse Marketing Ltd. we will be treating it differently from our other services in one way:

David Howse

David Howse, President of David Howse Marketing Ltd.

To initiate any services we will first perform a marketing audit on your business. The cost of this audit is $500 and includes the following up to a 5 hour limit:

  1. The initial consultation – by telephone, email, or in-person. This starts at your first phone call or email to us and any subsequent phone calls, emails or in-person meetings. Before calling we request that you review this website, download our processes and contract, and watch our process video.
  2. Sales Process Review
  3. Sales Force Review
  4. Analysis to determine if cold or warm lead calling or appointment booking program can actually work for your business
  5. Lead Generation / Appointment booking script writing (working draft)
  6. General Marketing Strategy Review
    1. Website
    2. Email
    3. Direct Mail
    4. CRM
    5. other touch point review

As you can read from our testimonials we work with the best managed companies in Calgary and Lethbridge. We want to pass on those experiences to help your business thrive.

Click Pay Now to start the process

After processing your payment David Howse will contact you within 48 hours to set up your marketing audit. If your business is based in Calgary, the audit will be conducted at your office. If you are not in Calgary the audit will be in the form of telephone and email communication.

You may also call us to confirm receipt of payment and schedule the initial meeting. Call +1 (403) 991-8863.